Technical Analysis (II): Strategies for Transaction Timing of Stocks, Futures & Forex
Advanced Level

To equip participants with advanced skills in the discipline of Stock Transaction Timing. Advanced Price Pattern Analysis, which includes Key Reversal Day Techniques and Island Reversal Pivot Points. Advanced Price Pattern Analysis using volume confirmations for prescriptive action and price target acquisition. To use price momentum for profit maximization. The use of the Sakata Method of Japanese Candlestick Charting, Reversal identification using Candlestick Chart Patterns.

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  • Course Synopsis

    ✓ The Dow Theory – The Foundation of Technical Analysis
    ✓ Price & Volume Studies – The Psychological Dimension
    ✓ Trend Line Analysis – Support & Resistance
    ✓ Trend Indicators – Moving Averages, MACDI, MACDI Histogram & Wilder’s Average Directional Index (ADX)
    ✓ Market Breadth – The Cumulative Advances/Declines Index (CADI)
    ✓ Bert’s Checklist of Technical Indicators
    ✓ Momentum – Wilder’s RSI, George Lane’s Stochastics
    ✓ Gapping Strategies for Trading Success
    ✓ The Sakata Method of Candlestick Charting
    ✓ The significance of the candle, the body and the shadows
    ✓ Length of Candle and Volatility
    ✓ The significance of the Doji – Exhaustion & Reversal
    ✓ One Candle Patterns for Trend Reversals
    ✓ Two Candle Patterns for Trend Reversals
    ✓ The Thirds Candle Confirmation
    ✓ Reversal Candlestick Patterns
    ✓ Confirmation of Candle Patterns using Wilder’s RSI and George Lane’s Stochastics
    ✓ Managing Trading Risk – Stop Loss placement, trailing stop losses and profit taking targets

  • Course Instructor

    Mr Robert C S Tay is a Trading Representative with UOB Kay Hian Securities Pte Ltd. He has 25 years experience in international currency and deposit broking, stock broking, investment management and securities research. His past appointments include: Investment Manager, of Phillip Securities; Director of Phillip Securities Investment Research, Investment Manager of DBS Securities, Research Manager of Morgan Grenfell Asia Securities. Mr Tay is a frequent conference speaker on investment management and strategies and is often invited by the media to comment on the stock market and economy. Mr Tay conducts courses and workshops for SGX, IBF, NUS, SIAS and other financial institutions. He served on the Education Committee of SIAS and was the lecturer and the examiner for the SIAS investment analysis program. He has a BA in Economics and Sociology from the University of Singapore and an MBA from the University of New South Wales.

  • Course Duration

    15 Lecture Hours

  • Course Fees

    SGD 600