Fundamental Analysis Value Investing Strategies For Stock Selection
Intermediate to Advanced Level

To empower participants with the tactical knowledge and expertise in stock and stock market valuation. A key focus of the course will be the identification and analysis of key factors that will impact a company’s financial performance and valuation. Fundamental Analysis – Learn stock selection through valuation techniques and valuation ratio analysis. What stock to Buy/Sell? Is the key to successful investing. If you are investing in the stock market you MUST attend this course.

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  • Course Synopsis

    ✓ The Investment Process and Stock Selection
    ✓ Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis
    ✓ The Strength of Fundamental Analysis in the Stock Selection
    ✓ The Top Down Approach of Fundamental Analysis
    ✓ Economic Analysis, Industry Analysis and Company Analysis
    ✓ Economic Analysis and Indicators that impact the Stock Market
    ✓ Industry Analysis – Life Cycle Concept and Factors Impacting Specific Industries
    ✓ Company Analysis – The Qualitative Aspect. Commodity Type of Businesses and Businesses with a Durable Competitive Advantage/ Consumer Monopoly
    ✓ Company Analysis – The Quantitative Aspect. Reading an Annual Report, Balance Sheet, Income Statements and Cash Flow Statements. Financial Ratio Analysis. The Basic Evaluative Ratios Test (BERT) for Stock Selection
    ✓ Stock Valuation Using the Income Approach, The Earnings Approach and The Asset Approach, Techniques for identifying undervalued and overvalued stocks.
    ✓ Benjamin Graham’s Techniques of Valuation Using Earning Yields and Price to Asset Multiples.
    ✓ Benjamin Graham’s Earnings to Asset Trade-Off Multiplier for Defensive Investing.
    ✓ Reading An Annual Report of a Property Company
    ✓ Actual Valuation of Selected Stocks in an Industry for Stock selection.
    ✓ Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffet’s VALUE INVESTING SECRETS!
    ✓ Benjamin Graham’s Margin of Safety Concept and Intrinsic Value of Calculation
    ✓ Exercise on Calculating the Intrinsic Value of a Stock. Class Exercise
    ✓ Warren Buffett’s Dichotomy of Business. The commodity like Business and the Consumer Monopoly with Toll Gate Characteristics. Class Exercise.
    ✓ The Equity Risk Premium Model for Stock Market Valuation
    ✓ Outlook for the US, Singapore and Malaysian Stock Markets in 2015

  • Course Instructor

    Mr Robert C S Tay is a Trading Representative with UOB Kay Hian Securities Pte Ltd. He has 25 years experience in international currency and deposit broking, stock broking, investment management and securities research. His past appointments include: Investment Manager, of Phillip Securities; Director of Phillip Securities Investment Research, Investment Manager of DBS Securities, Research Manager of Morgan Grenfell Asia Securities. Mr Tay is a frequent conference speaker on investment management and strategies and is often invited by the media to comment on the stock market and economy. Mr Tay conducts courses and workshops for SGX, IBF, NUS, SIAS and other financial institutions. He served on the Education Committee of SIAS and was the lecturer and the examiner for the SIAS investment analysis program. He has a BA in Economics and Sociology from the University of Singapore and an MBA from the University of New South Wales.

  • Course Duration

    A 2 day weekend seminar

  • Course Fees

    SGD 600